How to reprogram and program the Toyota Key fob to your vehicle. Instructions for syncing the keyless entry key fob. This how to program a Toyota key fob guide was written to help Toyota owners fix or replace a non working key less entry remote for their vehicle. Read disclaimer. Before you reprogram your key fob make sure that you do not simply have a dead battery in your key fob.

Before you start all doors should be closed except the driver's side door which should be open and unlocked. Each step in these Toyota Key Fob programming instructions guide should be completed in order. You should have heard the door locks cycle after you removed the key.

This means the vehicle is in program mode. To program the new Toyota Key fob hold the "Unlock" and "Lock" button on the key fob for two seconds and then release. Then press the "Lock" button for up to three seconds and release. The door should lock and unlock. If you are programming multiple remotes repeat step 8 for each remote within 40 seconds of step 7.

If you wait to long or the other keyless remotes will not program you will need to start from the beginning. You have now reprogrammed the Toyota Key fob to your vehicle.

You may program up to 4 keyless entry remote control fobs per vehicle. If you do not want to pay for the key fob at the dealer you can buy them for a lot less money on Ebay. You can buy a new key fob on Amazon that may work for your vehicle here - New Toyota Key Fob For more Toyota repair and replacement guides see Toyota Camry Repair and Maintenance Guides and Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair Guides for pictures of easy step by step maintenance instructions and guides.

Toyota Key Fob Programming Guide. Home Page. Miscellaneous Reviews. Whether your old Toyota key fob has lost connection with your car or truck or you purchased a new Toyota key fob you will need to sync it your Toyota. For whatever reason your keyless entry remote has stopped working, programming a new key fob or reprogramming an old or used key fob to a Toyota is fairly easy and only takes a few minutes.

The Toyota key fob remote programming instructions should help most owners solve the problem of adding a key fob to a Toyota.By kentyJanuary 2, in Yaris Club. When ever i needed to reset the ecu on my corolla i just pulled the neg off the bat,i knew what the code was that was bringing on the mil light and that by resetting it wasnt going to do any damage,just the light wasn't annoying me till i got the part i needed.

The reset with the throttle pedal is for the t sport compressor,i tried that on mine and nothing happened. If the mil light is coming on get it checked out first before you reset,mite save you money in long run.

But if you really do want to turn it off taking the neg of the bat should wipe the fault code till a fault is logged again. You lose the saved radio stations at the same time,also auto up down function on the electric window till you reset them again,done by holding the button till the windows fully down and then fully up.

Dont have to do it for half hour mate, 10 mins does the job. Everytime I've needed to do it I've just taken the neg connection off as said above. Yep and if the fault is still occuring the MIL light will come stright back on when you start it up. Mega expencive to replace.

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Yaris Club Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted January 2, By NorthyMarch 10, in Workshop Submissions.

DIY: Immobilizer Hacking for Lost Keys or Swapped ECU

This speed's up the recalibration process, the 30mins is to clear the ECU so that it rememebers nothing, the 30sec is to let it reboot so to speak, its like updating system files on a PC it needs to reboot to use them the ECU works in the same way, and as for driving the "tit's" of your car, your ECU will learn how you drive and the first km is its steepest learning curve so you have to shape it so to speak so that you get the end result that you are looking for.

Just to add, I did this, however I found the following beneficial this is similar to both Toyota and Nissan ECU's with the learning function. This is all I did before connecting and driving it hard with all accessories off. I did not do 2 or 3 and seemed to work fine. I did this after changing fuel, fuel filter, and air filter. Seat of the pants it feel better Does this apply to the 1ZZ as well, i. When I reset my ECU, I disconnect the negative lead from the battery and leave it for 30 mins then re-connect it.

Does it matter which lead? Positive or Negative? Will taking the negative lead give me a negative outcome??? Everytime I reset, Yes I idle the car for 5 mins, then disconnect the battery again for 30secs my car is so sluggish that sometimes it feels like it's gonna stall.

I've find a way to stop this by swicth the car off I park the car first the starting it up again. This seem to stop the idling problem. But sometimes the recalibration is crap I just reset the ECU again. Hey guys thanks for all the replys, as for the problem, it occurs at low rpms and not just at high rpms even then i dont seem to get lift at those times: which may be a problem with the vvti??

I performed a ECU reset tonite and had the same problem with the electric windows. The button lights kept flashing. I tried pushing all the way down the holding all the way up. What I noticed was that you had to do that to all the passenger windows first on their actual buttons on their respective doors, then do the driver's window, otherwise the driver's window won't fix itself. People need to know this to save them running around to Auto Elecs asking what the heck is going on with my car.

Not to mention save some money too as some members on here didn't know this including myself :. You do not have to reset the ECU when you modify the vehicle, it will learn over a couple of hundred K's.

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.By azetegJune 28, in Yaris Club. I drove to her with a spare key and few days later we went to the dealer to order a new remote key. They told us the remaining black master key would be essential, since the new key need to be programmed to this.

This weekend me and my fiance borrowed her parents SUV for a longer trip to Germany. Meanwhile, they borrowed the Yaris. When we come back - they have somehow managed to lose the grey valet key. Ok, I thought, I'll go home and get the last black key, which I remember that I have had lying in a drawer. When I came home I had a look inside this drawer and could not find the key.

I called my mum and asked if she had the black key left somewhere and she tells me: "Oh, I did lose a black key to the car, did I not tell you? The day after - Toyota calls me up and says my key has arrived, and has been cut after my VIN. Opens car and all, but refuses to start the car. We are getting married in one month - and our marriage budget has already stretched out far too much.

So, I had a look around the internet and forums like this one, and tried to see what I could do about the matter. Exact same part numbers as on my ECU.

All I need now is a confirmation of my thesis:. Tape the black master key that came with "scrapkit" to the ignition lock, like in picture from Prius link above. I have no clue about the key programming procedures. I have seen at least 4 or 5 different ones on these forums and other, but I don't know anything about them working for the Yaris. Any ideas or thoughts from someone who has even minor experience in doing this would be very much appreciated.

My budget just cannot handle a dealer repair of this right now Basically you need to a key that will open the car, IE door lock and ignition and you also need a key which matches the transponder unit and the ecu.

So you think it will be possible to program my brand new remote key - thats cut for my car, to the new ECU? The dealer told me that with these Toyota models it is impossible to code new keys to the ECU without an existing master key.

If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Otherwise a thief would only need a tester unit and a new key, plus a screwdriver, to start the car and drive away. Maybe a dent in your wallet will focus your mind. Well, a fresh ECU unit will accept the first blank key as a new master key for the car.

I guess that is how they do it at the factory. In any way, they do not store the codes after the initialization process, only the key number is bound to VIN in Toyota database. Note, all I did was to order a new key when the first key was lost.

The losing of the keys was not done by me - but by people in my surroundings.

Elementi finiti piani

I managed to get the car working again and programmed a new remote key cut to match my VIN. Unplug the Battery.

Remove old ECU unit. Held in place by two brass screws behind glove compartment, a bit hidden by black cables. Remove those and then just pull the ECU outwards.By bruce eFebruary 9, in Auris Club. The ECU should constantly be updating and adapting both to driver input and other variables such as fuel quality, atmospheric conditions etc. Normally a reset is only performed when there is a problem. If you wish to do a reset by disconnecting he Battery remember the electric window "one touch" needs reactivating and all settings will be lost on radio etc.

Usual procedure following a reset is to do a cold start and just let the engine idle until warm before driveng off, then drive over mixed routes, hi speed, urban etc. It can take around 20 miles to fully relearn.

toyota hilux ecu reset procedure

If you wish to do a reset by disconnecting he battery remember the electric window "one touch" needs reactivating and all settings will be lost on radio etc. I always reset the ECU if i change cars, and occasionally i reset it after a few months if i feel the car is not responding as it should. It may have done several thousand miles with the previous owner and learnt that driving style, so adapting to your different driving style could take a lot of miles.

If you teach it from scratch it will be set up for you a lot quicker. I was more curious than anything. As all seems well with the Auris I'll follow the principle of "if it aint broke dont fix it". May try this as well as Tavy's speed sensitive stereo set up I have only had my SR for 6 days, bought it as an ex-lease so it already has 57k on the clock for an 09 58 plate so might be a good idea for me to reset under these circumstances.

Tavy mentioned I have to disconnect the Battery to alter stereo wiring so this would automatically entail a reset of the ECU anyway. I don't think I dare attempt cleaning the EGR valve though If you have completely closed all the windows before removing "-" Battery terminal, there's no need to reset the windows after reconnecting the terminal.

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How to install led lights with add a fuse full

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 9, If so, would it reset itself after so many miles driving with the new owner? If not,how do you reset the ECU? DIY or dealership job? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Unless there is a problem I wouldn't bother.

Thanks all for the quick response on this. Getting 4mpg more than with the 1. Posted February 10, To reset the ECU on a T here is a copy of my email from my local dealer John has asked me to Email you regarding removing the correct fuse This is in the fuse box under the bonnet i think its a 20 or 25amp its called a ECU main fuse You have to have it out for a minimum of one minute Hope this is helpful Regards Mark Workshop Controller.

Posted July 27, Very helpful thanks everyone, May try this as well as Tavy's speed sensitive stereo set up Quick q as a complete novice how would I retrieve the window settings?Here's how to reprogram your car's engine immobilizer to program new keys in the invent of lost keys or a swapped ECU. The engine immobilizer is a security device. Use the information provided here in a legal and appropriate manner.

The key is read by the computer and if it matches, it will enable all systems to start the car. If the key does not match, the car will only crank but not start.

While taking the car to a dealership or locksmith is an option, it could get expensive because you are at their mercy.

toyota hilux ecu reset procedure

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. When you insert the key, a coil near the ignition ring picks up the RFID signal from your key and sends it to an amplifier. The amplifier then decrypts it and sends it to the ECU.

If the key code matches the stored values, the engine will start.

toyota hilux ecu reset procedure

However its location under the dash means you will have to remove the entire dash pad. The procedure for reprogramming is similar, however you will have to short two wires on the OBDII port to perform a hand-shaking procedure between the ECUs to program new keys. This is where you need to get a programmer to connect the chip to your PC.

You can either buy a USB programmer from eBay or make your own to communicate to the serial port. The components required are fairly basic, three 4. If you do have problems reading and writing from the chip, you have to short the crystal on the board.

toyota hilux ecu reset procedure

PonyProg, a free serial device programmer was the software used to read information from the serial port and "dump" the EEPROM's contents. First go to setup under options. The content should appear as an array of HEX characters. Each key has a unique 8 digit HEX code. There are also bits to indicate key count, enable programming mode and valet lockout. After a lot of experimentation, it was observed that there are three distinct keys.

Each key is an 8 digit HEX value, repeated three times. It is split across two groups of four, but there is symmetry in their positioning within the dump. This must be zeroed as well. When reconnected to the car, the ECU will be in auto-programming mode and will accept new keys as per the procedure below:.

Briefly insert any key into ignition lock cylinder and remove immediately. The security light should illuminate and remain on. The Security light may blink indicating it has accepted the key. After seconds remove the first key from the ignition. Security light should remain on indicating you're still in programming mode. After seconds remove the second key from ignition. After security light goes off remove third key from ignition. The security light should extinguish and then commence to blink regularly.

If the security light does not stop blinking, that key is not programmed to the car. This procedure should work on many Toyota and Lexus vehicles from the 's to early 's. That's one hell of a project. Must have taken some time and problem solving to get that all worked out. Thanks for sharing.When a vehicle is rebuilt after a collision involving airbag deployment, the airbag computer must be replaced. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

The airbag computer controls the supplemental restraint system in your vehicle, including the airbag sensors, inflators and seat belt pretensioners. It also acts as a black box when you get into a major collision that involved airbag deployment.

DIY: Reset Airbag Computer Crash Data

The airbag computer is located underneath the dashboard. The bottom half needs to be removed to access it. From a clean, uncrashed Corolla, I dumped the information from its SRS computer and it looks like this:. The SRS light should go out within 6 seconds if everything is functioning normally. I think Ford uses a 47ohm resister. Plug a resistor in to every connector for each air bag and seat belt and if it is reset correctly the dash airbag light should go out and have no codes.

If not reset properly and the module wants to deploy an airbag or belt the resistor will fail. Hi, Thank you for this video.

Like Airbag sensor Toyota, - Question 1 year ago on Introduction.

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Hi Again, Have you ever disabled the immobilizer? Im asking because I can buy a car with an with an immobilizer fault or lost keys for very cheap, and you can buy an new ECU with the immobilizer disabled, but I really like the idea of doing it myself. Reply 2 years ago. I did some research and found that there are services out there that clear the info from the SRS computer.

By speedkar9 Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. And your airbags deploy:. Disconnect battery before working on SRS system:. And It works! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Table Saw Class 16, Enrolled. Reply Upvote. ObdD Question 1 year ago on Introduction.

Answer Upvote. Thanks that is good info. The duck was a nice touch. You made it to the end of the video haha.

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